About Edward

Eric MaierEdward Gold is a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer. He has won several contests for his short stories and has also published several poems. He has produced and designed newsletters for several agencies and was the producer, editor and designer for a literary magazine.

He has held many positions during his non-writing career, both administrative and managerial. He has orchestrated program special events and reservations for over 570 attendees, managed complete store operations for fast-food restaurants, has supervised multiple large teams concurrently, controlled cash on a daily basis in excess of $100,000, and has created uncountable professional presentations to help secure multimillion dollar clients.

Outside of work, Edward is the Organizer of a local writer’s group, an Assistant Organizer for a second writer’s group, and an Event Organizer for a large hiking group. In the past, he has organized and captained many volleyball teams and he still plays sand-doubles almost every week.

In addition to volleyball and hiking, he also enjoys photography, computers, information technology, movies, books, walleyball, and karaoke. He likes to travel and experience new things and has been to many domestic and international destinations, including Africa, Canada, London and the Caribbean.

He currently lives in Durham, North Carolina with his wife, his two daughters, and their boxer-bulldog mix, Loki.